Traveling between El Salvador in Central America and San Francisco in California, first-time author Carmen Hartono grew up bilingual and bicultural. She has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area most of her adult life.

Hartono sees her vocation to her home as a building block for the local community, leading to a national movement to create a new global existence. Her education began with a fascination with nuclear physics in elementary school that eventually led to the studying of engineering. Her understanding of social engineering led to interests in psychology, philosophy and theology. She holds a BA in Liberal Studies and a MA in Culture and Spirituality.

The author considers her home country of El Salvador to be a birthplace of Liberation Theology. Pope Francis is noted for his ‘liberal’ point of view. But Hartono sees the pope’s thinking as consistent with the Church in Latin America. Through her work with different ministries, including religious education for the developmentally disabled, Hartono has learned to see the face of God in the most vulnerable.

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